Window A/c Unit:
Install a dedicated line for a window a/c unit to keep you cool for the summer.

Ceiling Fan:
Tired of all of your heat sitting at the ceiling—install a ceiling fan to bring heat down for your comfort.

Tied Of Being Cold During Winter:
Install baseboard heat with a digital thermostat to control the temperature.

Heat Tape:
Don’t run the risk of letting your water pipes freeze.

Timer For The Pool:
Who wants to get up from watching there favorite TV show and turn on the pool pump—no one—install a timer!

Tired Of Missing People That Come To Your House:
It’s time to install a doorbell or fix a doorbell that’s not working.

Roof & Gutter Heat Tape:
Designed to keep ice and snow from building up along the edge of your roof and in gutters and down spouts.

Outside Speakers:
Having a cookout and having a good time but missing something- MUSIC!


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