Turned on a switch and a light not work?

Had to run to the phone because there was not one close by?

Been restricted to a television location due to limited cable company installations?

Felt insecure because of poor outside lighting?

Wanted to have smoke alarms permanently installed or updated?
Did you know that manufacturer’s suggests replacing them every 8 years?

Thought maybe your electrical panel was unsafe, outdated, or overloaded?

Wished you had exterior outlets or a post light at the end of your driveway?

Tired of being cold in the winter and hot in the summer?

Not enough lighting inside your house?

Always wanted to listen to your music outside?

Looking to upgrade your old wiring in your house?

Tired of losing expensive appliances or computers?

Wondering why you missed the person that came to your door today?

Thought you should get rid of the mildew in the bathroom?

Tired of the pipes freezing in the winter?

Had enough with the lights going out and losing food?

Do you feel unsafe being in your home alone?

Wished that your landscaping showed up at night?

Want to control your heat and a/c during seasons?

Tired of those high electric bills?

“If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will”