Did you ever notice how the power never goes out on a sunny day? When you lose power it is usually when the weather is at its’ worst and you certainly don’t want to go outdoors. When you’re hungry for power, your generator is the source for all your needs.

With a home standby generator installed you won’t have to lift a finger to get the power you need when the utility company can’t deliver. You do nothing, simply wait about 15 seconds and the unit will automatically begin supplying the power for the vital circuits in your home.

Why not use a portable generator?
A portable generator cannot offer the features or the ease of operation that the standby can. A portable has to be brought out of storage and moved to where you need it. It must be refueled frequently. How much gasoline will you need for an extended outage? You’ll have to run extension cords from a portable to your appliances. You can’t connect your furnace or well pump to an extension cord. Plus, you will be doing all of this in the worst of weather. Try to get a portable generator out in the rain, snow, sleet, strong winds and bitter cold. Does the thought of that make you cringe? Well, it should!

With a home standby generator on duty, you and your family can stay warm and dry in your home instead of battling the elements. You won’t be lifting fingers, you won’t be juggling gasoline cans, hauling extension cords or pulling any ropes either.

If you are away, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your home standby generator is on the scene. Night or day, home or away, nothing puts you in your comfort zone like a standby generator system. It does it all for you, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.automatically!

Don’t have a generator currently installed, prepare yourself for the conditions listed below:

  • No heat
  • No Air Conditioning
  • No well water
  • No home security system
  • Your cordless phone-useless
  • Computers, Televisions & Electronics will not work
  • Refrigerated and frozen food-spoiled
  • Pipes-frozen
  • Basement-flooded

Coming home to a disaster if the power goes out while you’re on vacation or at a second residence
Don’t let this happen to you. A Automatic Home Standby Generator System will keep your home & family safe and secure when the outside world isn’t!

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